Silent Night澳门游戏网站平台

Ik Older\\when I was asleep,I was the only one in my dream.There
is a girl,she is awake.Her eyes are bright,the eyes likes asharp
dagger.I awaken crying loundly a newborn baby.I look for her in my
life,however,she is in my dream.when I was asleep,I was the only one in
my dream.There is a girl,she is awake.She tore the nights face.Fall into
my dream and save me.At this moment,together she and I in the dream.Who
are you? Who are you?Sweet dreams are temping.Hands cling to hands and
go straight ahead the end of the dream.Where sunset clouds fly with
geese.Autumn waters and sky are one color.Who are you? Who are you?I am
material in my life.but I heart still sarries my dream.All,Including
reality and illusion belong to her.She will always hide in my

Amanda forgot how long she sat down in front of the computer and could
not press the send button hours after she finished writing. She paused,
saved it, only to open it a while later and stared at it again. At
moments she was sure she buried the chance to true happiness by her own
hands. A moment later, she found truth in her own writing that was
convincing to herself … best for all of us … she thought again and
again … I can bear it. Years later she remembered it as the night she
grew most white hair. And the first night with Jeff, both of them half
awake and half asleep without saying much. Only when they were separated
by oceans, she heard him saying that he kept looking at her face, her
closed eyes, her white hair and felt the years passed-by.

In the dead silence of that night, her ached soul sent the email before
it became unbearable.


Silent Night澳门游戏网站平台。Life dreams aside, back to the topic of marriage.

There is the level of loyalty you would never find in other kinds of
sexual relationship or plain friendship. Plus a normal family is best
for our lovely children if that’s your first priority. A year ago we
probably said to each other I can never be with you, or I don’t love
you. I realize the truth is, as long as we love our children, we can
love each other, they are just part of us, who made our lives full
circle again. Marriage is also not just about reasoning, chores and
liabilities, it’s giving, understanding, emotional support, and human
bonding. The other day, when you said you can’t move in your dream no
matter how hard you tried, my tears fell. Would you rather wake up with
some one to hold and tell your feelings to, or totally lonely in bed.

Maybe you want to choose to divorce and stay connected as a family, but
the practical daily living will probably destroy that wishful thinking.
The deeper understanding of life and humanity came after our hardship.
Why can’t we stay close forever in each other’s heart? Our separation
prepared us for a better marriage than 99% of the other couples can ever
dream of. Life is too short to waste, before we become really old in 20
years, not much passion besides holding hands, even that, is the best
companionship we can have, till death do us apart.

Death, yes, not too far ahead.

Yesterday Justin all a sudden asked me, “How many days do I have before
I die?”

I calculated with him, “80 360 = 28800 days”.*

“How many days do you have, Mommy?”